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Single Disc Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

Single Disc Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

when the current is applied a strong magnetic field is generated and the armature is pulled towards the rotor, for a residual free torque due to the spring action

  • We manufacture more than 100 types of Single disc Clutches/Brakes popularly known as dry clutches
  • Ranging from .15 kgm torque to 60 kgm torque
  • Have no sliprings and do not require any maintenance
  • Offer a high capacity of heat dissipation
  • Short and consistently accurate switching times makes these units suitable for applications where repeatability is important. Also wear is compensated automatically and no drag torque is developed during idling
  • Mainly used on Packaging machines, Dairy equipments, Paper and Textile machinery, Wire Drawing machinery, Plastic machinery, Food Processing etc
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