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Thruster Brakes

Thruster Brakes

Electromagnetic Brakes 

  • Suitable for AC supply up to 400 to 440 volts, and are available for a wide range of Drum sizes from 100mm to 380mm diameter
  • Available with a rated torque ranging from 200 Kg cm for the smallest Brake (100 mm diameter) up to 6900 Kg cm for a 380 mm diameter at 50 % coil Rating i.e. the coil remains in circuit for a maximum of 5 min out of every 10 min
  • Conventionally termed as single phase Electromagnetic brakes
  • although they are to be operated on 2 phase
  • 3 phase brakes are also available where a higher torque is desired
  • When specified, Brake Drum or Brake Drum coupling both PIN BUSH type and FLEXIBLE GEARED type can be supplied along with the Brakes

Electromagnetic Thruster Brakes  

  • Mill Duty Thruster Brakes are suitable for 400/440 volts, 3 phase AC supply for a wide range of drum sizes from 100mm to 600mm dia
  • Braking pressure to the shoes is transmitted from the springs by
  • means of an extremely rigid and simple lever/ tie rod mechanism
  • Release of the Brake Shoe is effected by energizing the 3 phase Thruster which over comes the spring force and the shoes are moved clear off the Drum by lever/arm linkage system so that the drum is free to rotate without any friction
  • The angle of the Brake shoe being 70 degree makes the replacement and maintenance of the Brakes shoes easy at site
  • The Thruster is a self contained unit and comprises of a centrifugal pump and impeller driven by an Electric Motor. The impeller spins in oil and develops a pressure heard which is impressed upon the piston which is directly coupled to the load lifted
  • Mainly used in machines like Hoists, Cranes, Winches, Elevators used in various inds
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