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Who We Are?

A warm welcome to everyone at Walpha Engineering! Our company was built in 1975 by the well-trained and experienced technocrat and Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Amardeep Patheja.

Since then, we have always strived to offer the most durable and reliable INDUSTRIAL CLUTCHES AND BRAKES viz. Mechanical, Electromagnetic (Single & Multi Disc), Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Clutch plates, Telescopic Brushes, Friction Material, Fail-Safe Brakes, Hydraulic Pumps and Various other IMPORT SUBSTITUTE ITEMS as per customer drawing and specification. From a humble beginning in 1975 to within 3 years due to our experts’ unwavering commitment and passion, we were conferred upon with the prestigious National Award for Import Substitution in 1978. Then, over time, Walpha Engineering has been awarded several accolades and awards for new and quality product development. With over 20000 sqft and best in standard machines & practices, WALPHA is constantly evolving with the changing needs and times to suit and fulfil our Customer’s requirement

  • WALPHA holds immense pride in being the 1st Indian firm to have successfully developed more than 4000 Types of Clutch Plates, 50 Typesof Telescopic/Current Supply Brushes and more than 500 different types of Clutches
  • WALPHA also manufactures Steel, Ceramic/Sintered Discsfor Earthmoving Equipments, Material Handling, Tower Cranes and Transmission ofHeavy Vehicles
  • The fact that WALPHA products are identified for performance in a few of the critical and toughest equipment is the ultimate testimony for the kind of effective work being done now for nearly 5 decades
  • Every product manufactured by WALPHA ENGINEERING embodies principals of superior performance, classic design, high quality, and long life
  • WALPHA have been providing quality products for more by consistently innovating and adapting the same for meeting the changing needs of our customers
  • One of the major reasons why WALPHA is among the eminent manufacturers in the market is because of its dedication to offering incredible customer service/satisfaction along with adding unparalleled value for them

Having difficulty in selecting the most suitable product?
You can always rely on skilled customer service as well as technical support staff. So, whether you are maintaining an existent machine or are designing a new one, Walpha Engineering will prove to be your best source for authentic and quality parts

Our Vision

To be the most well-known name for the design capabilities, quality products, and after-sales service. Every expert at WALPHA strives for boosting customer satisfaction along with getting optimal product value. With a never-say-never approach, our company aspires to solve all/any problems associated with our import substitute items.

Our Mission

To be the One-Stop-Shop for all your Mechanical, Electromechanical requirements. Every expert at WALPHA aims to offer only the best quality products so that customers are always satisfied with our services.


Electromagnetic clutches operate via an electric actuation but transmit torque mechanically. When current flows through the clutch coil, the coil becomes an electromagnet and produces magnetic lines of flux. When current is removed from the clutch field, the armature is free to turn with the shaft.

Engagement/Dis-engagement time depends on magnetic field strength, air gap, and inertiarequired for an application to run smoothly and efficiently

Servicing of the clutch depends entirely on the efficient functioning of the application. In case the application machine is not functioning to its optimum output then there is a need to check the clutch

Walpha clutches have stood the test of time and have been working in OEM machines for several years. Quality and Complete Customer Satisfaction is our motto

Walpha provides 12 months warranty for any defective workmanship. However, the warrant also depends on each type of product

Yes we are in a position to develop clutches/brakes, machine and transmission spares as per sample/design/drawings

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