Pneumatic Clutches & Brakes
  • Pneumatic Clutch/Brake Combination consists of air-actuated clutch and spring applied brake
  • Ideal for today’s high-speed, high-cyclic, heavy-duty industrial applications
  • Different types of disc attachments
  • Efficient torque control & Minimal torque loss combined results in lower operating and maintenance costs 
  • Clutch Torque ranging from 26Kgm (260Nm) to 6700Kgm (67000 Nm) and brake torque range from 18Kgm (180Nm) to 4200Kgm (42000 Nm)
  • Are primarily used in: Automatic Punching Machines, Press Brakes, Printing Machines, Shears, Stamping and Forming Presses etc
Technical Specifications
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