Clutch Brake Combination (Close & Open Type)
  • Units are in an encased body and are ready to fit assemblies. Various designs: foot mounted or flange mounted
  • Units are fitted with single disc stationary field electromagnetic clutches and brakes which have no working air gaps and are virtually maintenance free
  • These units are advantageous to fit where separate clutches and brakes are difficult to fit or it is too time consuming
  • These units are simple to fit ready to assemble, totally enclosed, having good heat dissipation through increased surface area, long life, high operating frequency, simple wear compensation adjustment and high operating reliability
  • Mfr Clutch Brake units from .7kgm torque to 40kgm torque
  • These units are used in Packaging machines. Textile machines, Conveyors, Machine Tools, Pharmaceutical machines, Special Purpose machines and for various other applications
Close Series
Open Series